Saturday, May 17, 2008

Belly Boom

How I love bellies, in nature, in studio... doesn't matter. They are always gorgeous, no matter what! All the newborns to come ! YAY!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Babies and Kids and Tulips... it MUST be spring!

I promise to be better about keeping up with the blog, and after this weekend there should be plenty to post! Tomorrow we have a marathon day in MA going from maternity to baby to 15 (yes 15!!!) kids to end the day. It should be fun, I'll need lots of snacks to keep my energy up!
But today I want to show off this little (big) guy. He's 6 months old and stole my heart in seconds. What a CUTIE!

Monday, April 28, 2008

What it's all about...

Not my words but my friend and often my inspiration Deb's. This past weekend she did an amazing shoot with a brave little guy named Max. Instead of blogging today about what's going on here... I want to turn your attention there. First of all Deb is an amazing photographer and secondly, Max is in amazing kid. I think you may both be angels Deb.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Julia's Maternity

Julia is one of my oldest and best friends. We started hanging out when we were 14, almost 22 years ago! Our lives have followed similar paths even when we didn't live in the same state. And now I get to share her pregnancy with her. At 33 weeks she is a beaming, glowing, beautiful mom to be and I couldn't be more proud to document the new arrival of her baby girl. I can not wait to meet her!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mother's Day Maternity Special

Since bellies seem to be everywhere these days I thought I would give a special rate for my new "Belly and Baby" Package.

Belly and Baby Package ~ 300 (normally 350)

2 Sessions: Maternity and Newborn

These sessions can include siblings and significant others or you can be photographed alone in all your pregnant glory! Maternity sessions are photographed in our home studio in Portland ME or at the location of your choice, such as the beach or wooded area. Newborn sessions are photographed in the comfort of your home within the first 2 weeks of baby's arrival.

Includes: 2 CD's of your images/ An album of your favorite 40 images.

Session can be booked for anytime in the upcoming year after deposit.

Friday, April 18, 2008

spring has sprung... and the bellies prove it!

First all... new blog back to the old blog. I decided to come back to this blog rather than the type pad blog. I let the services expire... blah blah... so here we are! SGP is undergoing a major face lift for the new spring season so if you see some inconsistencies in the site, that would be why. This weekend we will be installing our new image galleries! Be sure to check our Modern Boudoir as well, our new boudoir site!

The next few weeks are bellies and boudoir... you can tell spring is in the air. Today's belly session was my first in our new home studio and I love the results. I'm looking forward to this seasons sessions!

Abigail makes amazing baby clothes that I have been dying to get my hands on :)
Check out her hand made goodies at Peace Love and Cloth

Monday, September 10, 2007

Camden Wedding!

This weekend was hot, steamy humid, and to top it off there was a dramatic thunderstorm! Kitty and Joe tied the knot in Camden Maine at the Camden Yacht Club right on the water... boats and mountains in the background, doesn't get much better than that! It was our first wedding in Camden and it was so great to shoot in several different locations, The Hartstone Inn, Church, and the Yacht Club.
At the beginning of the day it was outrageously hot... like a steam bath. We kept the bride cool with wet towels during photos, but she held up beautifully! I don't think I have sweat that much in a decade! As we walked over to the church for family portraits it started pouring... but the bride and groom decided to walk to the church in the rain from the inn with their big umbrellas, enjoying a moment alone. By the time we got everyone settled, the sky opened back up, with cooler temps I might add, and we were able to take photos outside the beautiful church.
We were not allowed inside the church for thr ceremony (no cameras or flash) so we waited in our air conditioned car while we unloaded all the photos onto my laptop.
A bagpiper led the procession from the church to the yacht club down the quaint streets of Camden. The sun cast a warm glow on the rest of the evening, making it a picture perfect day!
Congratulations Kitty and Joe and THANK YOU for letting us be a big part of your day!

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Well if you are going to Trash The Dress then you might as well do it right. As so many wedding photographers know, the wedding day is never "perfect" light, or "perfect" today for our TTD session we thought we would make sure that we got PERFECT everything.
So when is the best time to shoot? Either sunset or sunrise and since today called for some clouds later in the day (and we had a meeting with a potential bride and groom) we decided to go for sunrise... and anyone who knows me, knows that sunrise is NOT my thing. But our bride was up for it and we wanted it so bad, well that just made me giddy so up at 6 am for hair and makeup and out the door by 7!
First we hit an industrial alley in downtown and took over the street, awesome time a day for it! And with yesterday's heat... well it was the best time to shoot for sure. The sky had a great haze to it that just added to the photos.
After that we headed over to the beach, all amped up because what we had shot so far was looking pretty good!
Kayla was willing to do anything in that dress and she just about did. The early birds at the beach must have thought we were crazy! After all, not too many TTD going on here in Maine so far. She was hit by pounding surf, went out into the waves, and crawled in the sand. And we followed, cameras held high in the surf...

Friday, August 24, 2007

Seniors are SO COOL

I love senior shoots!
Brings me back to the days when we were the coolest.
Caitlyn was such a blast and totally adventurous...climbing rocks and making me work for it. She looked like she was floating over the water. It was awesome!
I am so behind in blogging and I have so much to blog about these days! So many shoots to show you :)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

maine weddings :)

Apple orchards, woodchucks as witnesses, perfect weather, great band... all the ingredients for a perfect wedding.
One thing I noticed from the minute we arrived at to get Lindy ready was the love... you could feel it... in the air, in Lindy's voice and even more so in their eyes when she approached him down the aisle. I know I had a hard time holding back the tears. This was one wedding where I was choked up from the get go!
Tim and Melinda tied the knot last weekend at Gilsland Farms in Falmouth Maine. This location is perfect for an outdoor wedding... the grounds are gorgeous, long grasses, pretty views of the water and scurrying woodchucks every place you look!